Design and Engineering


Towards the end of 2005 we completed our new tool shop, a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest machining technology, mostly 3D. At present, the Tool Center produces tools for > 30,000 tons of forgings. In addition to enabling us to make perfect contours with short production time on a continuous basis, these tool guarantee absolute reproducibility.

The Center in an integral part of our company, Moravské kovárny, a.s. Jihlava, bearer of ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2009 certificates. We specialize, above all, in making special tools for our own forging shop that produces forgings for the automotive and construction industries, as well as other forgings weighing up to 20 kg. Most of our forgings are subject to above-standard safety requirements.

The Tool Center designs and engineers tools for hot and cold metal-working processes according to customer’s drawings or 3D data, subsequent manufacture of complete forging tools (forging and gauging dies, trimming punches, cutters, etc.). Thereupon, the tools are forwarded to the Measuring Center, where they undergo control checks with ZEISS and MAHR measuring apparatus, e.g., a 3D ScanMax meter, MarSurf XC20 profile meter, or DigiMar CX1 height meter. Following release, the tools are passed on to the Forging Center, where the first samples (prototypes) are forged. The samples are then measured at the Measuring Center using special software, HOLOS-NT, for general measuring of various shapes of surfaces (the SW provides for optional customer-generated data entry in CAD), whereupon the results, including forgings, are turned over to the customer.

One of our valuable assets is our ability to deliver tools (hence also forgings) promptly according to individual customer’s requirements. For instance, for prototypes, we are able to generate a 3D printout of designed components within 96 hours after order placing.

We effectively exploit our many years of experience in tool manufacture, yet we keep up with the latest updates of machine and software technology to retain our position amongst the world’s top-quality tool manufacturers.

Apart from special forging tools and jigs produced as customized orders, we are able to process large-volume machining orders, as we have a great deal of experience in chip-forming machining of refined tool steel up to 68 HRC.

Assorted Machine Technology in Our Factory Centers:
High speed vertical machining center Depospeed 1011
CNC universal milling machine DECKEL MAHO DMU 60T
EDM machining center SODICK AQ 55L
DepoMILL 2012
EDM machining center EXERON 314 NF
Vertical milling center TAJMAC-ZPS MCFV1680NT P4.01
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